AR-15 .458 SOCOM Bolt Carrier Group

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Complete AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

Caliber .458 Socom

M16 style bolt carrier

includes boltcarrierfiring pin, firing pin retaining pincam pin and gas key. This product is completely assembled and ready to drop into your upper.

These bolts are NOT modified bolts from another caliber. These bolts are made as .458 Socom from 9310. They are made per the military print and processes with the bolt face diameter opened up to accomodate the .458 brass. The extractor is NOT a modified extractor where the face of the extractor is machined away to allow the extractor to fit over the cae. Our extractors are machined as .458 extractors. The case diameter is machined in for .458 so it provides the same surface area of extraction you would get from your other calibers to provide better life and performance.

Made in the USA

This item takes 10-14 business days for shipment.

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