9MM AR - The New Old Renaissance

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The 9mm AR is having something of a renaissance these days. With its lower costs, lighter recoil and now more capable on-target performance, the 9mm is a force with which to be reckoned. So let's see why is it becoming such a boom!

1. Shootability: 9mm shoots more accurately. This is true at any distance. Shot placement is the most critical factor in stopping the threat, and the 9mm does nothing but enhance that ability.
2. More Guns: There are more 9mm pistols available than any other, that's why it's becoming number one choice for police officers. Agencies have more choices and officers can choose a pistol they like. Most major companies make 9mm pistols in duty configurations that will fit just about anyone.
3. Longevity: There’s usually less wear and tear on 9mm pistols. They generally last longer, need fewer repairs and are less prone to breakage.
4. Increased Capacity: Most 9mm duty pistols today have a standard capacity of 17 rounds. Rifles go with as much as 32 Rds. The greater the capacity the better, and it is always better to have ammunition you didn’t use than need ammunition you don’t have.
5. Reliability: Pistols chambered in 9mm are generally the most reliable pistols available. They’re also less susceptible to changes and can reliably function with both practice and duty ammunition.
6. Ammo Choices: Given the explosion in popularity of the 9mm for police and self-defense use, there is a huge variety of duty ammunition available. Whether it is a 115-grain + P at significant velocity or a 147-grain bullet at lower speeds, a quality and proven 9mm duty round is out there. It is easy to find a round that will meet the needs of your patrol division and tactical team.
7. Cost: Especially when purchased in bulk, 9mm ammunition can be significantly less expensive.


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