AR-10 308 24" Black Diamond Upper Assemblies are Back in Stock

Posted by on July 16, 2017 . 2 Comments.

Yes. Finally after so much anticipation, we have few barrels available in 24" Black Diamond. 

The benefits of diamond fluting.

I am not the first to say that there are many benefits to the fluting of the barrel not counting the looks and appearance, of course.

Fluting dissipiates heat quicker

Adds and increases stiffness thus increases accuracy

Decreases recoil

Weight reduction of surface

Excellent for Precision Shooting

Diamond fluting offers all the benefits listed above in one complete package. Black diamond fluting - well, you also have the looks, scarcity of the product and all the benefits packaged in one rifle.

These barrels are not available at every corner. The process of nitride coating, actually, involves high precision and accuracy. All of these barrels are hand made and takes months to complete.

To view these beaties in person, please visit our store located in the beautiful Miami Area.

Moriarti Armaments

6020 NW 99 ave Suite 305

Miami FL 33178

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