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Over the years, the AR-10 market had expanded. I've seen various shops trying to tap into the .308 category, some with success, others with not so much.

The truth is, the AR-10 .308 market is still not set to mil-spec standards. Every manufacturer, including Moriarti Armaments, are manufacturing their .308 products to their own particular standard. Golden rule of thumb, so far we have low profile (to which Moriarti Arms falls under to) and high profile (to which Aero Precision falls under to) DPMS styles. And of course, it's up to you which profile you want to go with - non has more preference over the other. It all depends on you.

Having said that, the next big thing to pay attention to is your buffer tube set. For the .308 to function and if you are using a carbine stock, you need a short buffer (2.5" long) and a heavy spring with maximum 27 coils. I've seen my clients to order their buffer tube sets online as .308 only to find out that they got your standard AR15 set in return. Be careful. Sometimes, when you find something on sale won't be true to what it was advertised. While you can use your carbine stock from your AR15 platform, make sure your buffer tube set looks like Moriarti's .308 carbine buffer tube set - I've build so many of the .308s over the years, Moriarti's .308 buffer tube sets work with your .308 Upper Builds.

And finally, for the main part. The .308 market had evolved. Now, we are offering your .308 Upper Assemblies in various sizes and flutes, including 10" and 12.5" pistol builds and topping off with our exclusive 24" .308 Black Diamond build. Flutes of any kind is available. You can also take it one step further, and build yourself a 6.5 Creedmoor 24" Bull Upper Assembly, all based on .308 DPMS style components, all you need is a barrel and ammo to switch to another chamber. Or, you can try our new and most sought after 6MM Creedmoor Upper, chambered in .243. The 6mm CM is also build on the .308 platform and all .308 DPMS components work.

So, make your .308 fun, make it your own, and most importantly, make it work for yourself with the right armament components!

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