AR-15 – It’s time to improve your accuracy

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The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America. It’s versatile and people put them to use in all sorts of applications. From target shooting for fun, to competition, small game hunting and finally, self-defense. Whatever the application, the essential component is accuracy of your AR-15 rifle. What are the things needed to achieve the desired accuracy in your AR-15 rifle? The top 4 essential components are listed below, of course not counting the barrel!
1.     Optics
2.     Triggers
3.     Ammunition
4.     Free-Float Handguards
So let's analyze one by one.
The single most important addition to a rifle is a quality optic. All optics, however, are not created equal.  If you are shooting with the equivalent of iron sights on your AR-15, with practice you will be able to achieve relatively good accuracy at short ranges. But for long distances, you need something more massive – scopes. When it comes to riflescopes, you’re going to have to pay for quality -- corners cannot be cut on the way to a good optic.
Most AR-15s come out of the factory with a MIL-SPEC-style standard trigger. If you are shooting for precision and accuracy, you rely on your trigger to perform the same way each time you pull it. The standard AR trigger just doesn’t deliver that consistency. The remedy is a trigger upgrade – a heavier trigger. AR trigger upgrades come in two varieties: single-stage and two-stage. Which style you choose is really driven by your own preference.
Ammunition for your AR-15 comes in varying types and grades. What you feed your rifle has a huge impact on accuracy. It’s kind of like food for your body. Cheap steel case ammo is a very popular choice for plinking at short distances on the range, but it is not known for being able to shoot a consistent, tight group.  If you are looking for quality and consistency, match grade ammo is your choice.  You need the quality of a match round that uses a specific bullet weight and powder combination to attain those small groups at long distances. 
A free float handguard reduces pressure points on the barrel and allows for lengths up to 15 inches on a 16-inch barrel.  All that extra real estate, combined with a picatinny rail, Keymod, or M-LOK system for attaching accessories can provide numerous additional options to stabilize your rifle and improve your accuracy. Moriarti Armaments only uses free floathandguards on all their builds to give their clients a good shot at initial performance of the rifle.
All the parts discussed have the potential to improve your accuracy, but that will only occur if you continue to build your shooting fundamentals, increase your knowledge of firearms and ballistics, and practice regularly.  Happy shooting!


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