AR-15 Vs. AR-74: The Battle of Two Legends

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For decades, a debate has raged in the firearms community, a debate about AR-15 versus the AK-47. While there seems to be no end in sight, the AK-47s little sister, AK-74, designed by Russians in the late 70s to counter AR 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, actually is the one that performs very similar, ballistic-wise, to an AR-15, and thus is much closer to run a comparison.
The AK-47 shoots the World War II-era 7.62x39mm that the Russians designed in 1943. The AK-74 shoots the 5.45x39mm cartridge that performs very similar to the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. So now, let’s take a look at the AR-15 versus AK-74 from a practical point of view.
Safe,durable, and reliable, from the moment you pick up a well-made AK, you will feel how solid the rifle is. Called a "crazy sister" in Russian slang, just like the AK-47, the AK-74 utilizes the same long-stroke piston, a design feature Mikhail Kalashnikov borrowed from the American M1 Garand. The long-stroke piston offers a much cleaner and solid operating system than gas impingement. Shooting the AK-74 is smooth. Does not offer that much accuracy, about 4-inch MOA at 300 but it's fun. With the muzzle compensator, there is no recoil whatsoever, and it feels like you are shooting a .22. 
The rifle breaks down in seconds, can be cleaned with dirty motor oil and can be reassembled just as fast. Growing up in Russian, it was part of our military curriculum to have competitions in schools to see how fast we can break down the AKs and reassemble them back up. I kid you not.
What is AR stands for? We all know. But for me, it's America’s favorite rifle! I like the AR quite a lot, and it is my specialty. Unlike an AK which shoots practically any type of ammo, an AR could be a bit finicky about the different ammunition it likes to digest. Golden rule to remember about the AR's, don’t shoot cheap steel ammo out of your rifle and you will be ok. So what makes AR to stand out about the AK?
It is much more accurate. At 100 yards, we can get 1 ½ inch MOA and keep it at 2 inches out to 300. Not so much for the AK.
Customization is another plus for the AR. For AR-15, there is more aftermarket parts than for the Ford Mustang. Fancy combat optics, expensive magnifiers, back-up sights or laser sights? The list goes on.
Conclusion: Both firearms are good options. The AK-74 offers better reliability, but its ammo can be harder to find, especially with the ban. With an AR, you will have more accuracy, but not enough to make a huge difference inside 300 yards. Ammunition is more expensive than the AKs, but is much easier to find. Plus, you shoot the same caliber as most law enforcement and the U.S. Military. The choice is yours, however, which do you prefer - AR-15 or AK-74?
Moriarti Armaments offers a wide variety of AR-15 rifles, parts, uppers and accessories. And with the popular demand of AK-74s, Moriarti is now offering AR-74 uppers, and easy conversion of your AR-15 lowers into an AK equivalent of a rifle.
Happy shooting!
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