Back in stock - AR-10 .308 20" diamond bull upper assemblies

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We are proud to announce back in stock item, 20" AR-10 308 diamond and spiral bull upper assemblies

For the past three years, Moriarti's biggest seller has been diamond and spiral upper assemblies. Really scarce to get because of it's precision fluting, these little babies just give you so much precision and fun at the range.

Why these barrels are scarce? Well, there are not many suppliers available for finished blanks. That's one. The second issue is the fluting - not many vendors know how to flute even if they promote it. One not only needs the machines but also know what to do with them - and diamond cut is the most difficult to do. Expensive run. Very precision based. If not done right, the barrel will come out looking, well, not right.

Barrel extenstions - your next step. If something is off in that, then the barrel that you pay your top dollar for is not going to work.

Therefore, we are happy to say, right now we are able to accomodate our clients with diamond and spiral fluted 308 upper assemblies. Availabe at Moriarti Arms.

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