Best Hunts of Summer

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      Yes folks. It’s summer again. The cool of the morning turns to intense heat by 10 a.m. for many of us and the only solution one would seek is to stay inside the four walls to avoid the heat. But if you’re a passionate hunter, life’s too short to spend three months of every year sitting in front of an air conditioner and dreaming of fall. Don’t let the dog days of summer get you down. Here are the best hot-weather hunts for Summer: June, July and August.

Collared Doves

One of the biggest bird distribution stories in the Americas of recent times is undoubtedly the dramatic expansion of Eurasian Collared-Dove. First released in the Bahamas in 1974 and eventually found their way to the mainland United States, these birds have spread across the country, and since they are an invasive species most states have very liberal (or not at all) bag limits. Collared doves make excellent table fare. Places to find: around agricultural fields especially after harvest since collared doves regularly feed on waste grain. 

Wild Hogs

Today there are an estimated 5 million wild hogs in the United States that cause over a billion dollars of damage to agricultural crops each year. In the southern U.S., hogs do the most damage to rice fields, so concentrate your efforts there. Any bullet and rifle combination you’d use for deer hunting will kill a hog. Good choices are your big caliber games: 6.5 Creedmoor and AR-10 .308 style rifles.


A whitetail buck is the trophy of a lifetime for any hunter, but there are few states that are open to hunters in late summer. South Carolina and Tennessee are the most popular destination for those looking for a buck in velvet. .300Blackout, .308 Caliber and 6.5 Creedmoors are excellent choices for deer hunt.


The wide-open spaces of the American West are home to these species. Wyoming is the capital of the world, and the season opens in certain areas on August 15. Good goat cartridges run from the .243 and 6mm at the bottom end to the .270 at the top. 


Like collared dove, wild pigeons are delicious, especially birds from agricultural areas where they subsist on a steady diet of grains. Pigeon hunting is a low-cost, widely-accessible alternative to geese hunting. In most states there are no season dates or bag limits, and farmers are usually thrilled to have pigeon hunters on their property since the birds cause a lot of damage to machinery and barns.

Canada Geese

Some states like North Dakota offer an early Canada goose season that begins in mid-August. This is a great opportunity to get a jump on the year’s waterfowl season and to stay in practice. offers a wide range of hunting rifles for any taste and budget. Don’t be lazy in this heat and get out there and have some fun! Happy shooting!


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