Everything You Need To Know about 300 Blackout

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We all love our AR15 platform. The most versatile and reliable ever. And with the new developments in the industry, we are constantly adding new calibers to AR15 platform to accommodate to every need. Still, with so many new cartridges coming down the pipe as the alternative, 300 Blackout remains the one that continues to stand out!

300 Blackout:

Original purpose - target shooting, hunting (hog hunting), home defense

Original design:

- To provide extra oomph to AR platform in terms of power and performance while reducing recoil with 30 rd mags

- Offers wider range of projectile than 5.56

- The cheapest alternative to switch to a bigger bullet without changing anything else in AR15 rifle, even the magazine. All you need is a barrel and ammo.

- Ultimate barrel size - 9" (30 cal bore); Most popular civilian - carbine 16"

- Cycles both, super and subsonic ammo without modification

- Strengths: short barreled rifles

- Effective range: 0-300 yards

When to Use 300 BLK vs 5.56?

- Predator Hunting (medium to large game such as deer, hogs, small bears)

- Home Defense (suppressor with a subsonic ammo is the best)

- CA residents should go with a bigger bullet, ie, 300BLK

Moriarti Armaments offers a wide range of 300BLK uppers, rifles, parts and accessories. We constantly add new products in 300 Blackout section, so check back with us often for new updates. Happy Shooting!

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