How to Build a Budget AR-15 at Home

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What once seemed to be the privilege of only the richest Americans, and the most advanced of the militaries is not at your reach, in the comfort of your own home. Defending your family and property is as easy nowadays as baking cookies, provided, of course, that you have the right ingredients. It is the second amendment brought back to the 21st century. Now anyone can exercise their constitutional right to bear arms, independent from economic status.

                  With the new wave of e-commerce came the easiness of building articles yourself. You can buy a budget AR-15 kit for as low as $350, not including the lower.

              Along with the starter kit, you only need basic tools that can be found in every household: A pair of scissors, a hammer, a ruler and a screwdriver. The assembly is supposed to take no more than 30 minutes and can be made by just about anyone.

After having followed the procedure, you need to make sure that the weapon is fully functional, and you do so by inserting the rubber bullet and firing a shot at a hard surface. Although this bullet is made of rubber to avoid damage to the weapon in case of misplacement of a piece during assembly, care must be taken to avoid pointing the barrel at someone. A shot from a rubber bullet from this AR-15 is just as deadly as live ammo.

            Laws vary widely, state to state. We highly recommend that you verify the current legislation in your home state. If in doubt, please consult your local lawyer. 

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