M16 Nitride BCG - BCG you need to complete your AR15 build

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We here at Moriarti want only the best for our customers, our lowest BCG offering is a Mil-spec+, meaning it meets and exceeds all Mil-spec requirements. 
We can start with the bolt carrier - it is constructed of 8620 Steel and completed with a Nitrite finish. This is not a coating, but a treatment to the surface of the metal which extends life and wont flake off as it wears. It is a hard and slick surface for low friction and easy cleaning. 
Reliability Cuts on Bolt Carrier - During the operation of a direct impingement gas system, hot gas is taken directly from the gas port and moved into the action of the AR-15. This gas contains carbon and other powder residue that cause carbon fouling and to build up directly in the action. Basically, the AR-15 platform rifle takes a small poop inside it critical operating area every time you pull the trigger. Over long periods of time without cleaning this could cause your weapon to seize and force you to clean it possibly at an inopportune time. We selected Bolt Carriers with Reliability Cuts which allow debris and carbon to collect in specific areas away from the rails the BCG rides on rather than collecting on the rails and gumming up the action.
9210 Steel MPI Tested Bolt - Our bolts themselves go through the MPI (Magnetically Particle Inspected) process to ensure there are no internal flaws. A small crack or abnormality inside the metal could cause a critical failure under operation. MPI testing reduces that chance ensuring a higher quality product for you.
Grade 8 gas Key Screws that are staked- This requirement was set by the US Military to ensure the Gas Key screws could handle the immense pressure and not sheer off while under operation in a sustained full auto setting. Furthermore it is staked in place to ensure the screws stay where they are at so one does not back off and create a malfunction. 
Full Auto M16 Cut  - For the majority of you out there this wont matter, but the lucky few that own a M16 machine gun can use this our Bolt Carrier Group with confidence!
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