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Our founders’ experiment in self-government gave us the gift of Federalism, where states unite under a centralized governing authority while honoring a state’s rights. Though the power of the federal government has increased, the United States still maintains great contrast on the subject of gun ownership from states to states. Here’s a quick assessment of each state’s gun laws in a format that ranks them from worst to first for gun owners.


51. Washington, D.C.

While D.C. is hardly a home for America’s gun owners, things have improved slightly in the last few years. The District is in the process of imposing a “may...

The .308 AR weapon system is an ever-evolving rifle. Many manufacturers are out there but one of my favorites, not counting Moriarti's, is the Aero Precision AR 308. They call their platform the M5E1 platform. It is based on high profile DPMS style and precision-machined to 308 specifications. It has an extremely rigid design allowing for a stronger handguard mounting platform to accommodate a multitude of optic requirements. The handguard system is free-floated, giving the owner superior performance and accuracy.

Based on popular demand, we had modified to accomodate folks with their DPMS style profiles. Choose either high profile - a...

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There has been long running debate over which is the most effective round and what our ground troops should be using, 5.56mm x 45 or 6.8mm x 43 SPC.


Well, for me, that’s a no brainer – 6.8mm of course.

Why? Because of its terminal effects! In layman’s terms terminal ballistics is how the projectile reacts and what damage it causes when it strikes the target.

But don’t let me influence you in any way with my opinion; I’d like you to put your reasons forward as to which round you think is more suited for our troops.

5.56mm and 6.8mm Rounds: The Facts

There are many ballistic charts that you can view on the...

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All of us are perfectly aware of the oldest and longest debate among tactical weapon professionals and fans regarding which rifle caliber is the best in practice and detail. Some of us believe AK is the most functional. Others that M16 rifles are the best. And all of us give hundreds and hundreds arguments to support one way or another. All we know, this dispute might never end. Until now.
Today, we have an amazing possibility to unite all positive characteristics of AK and M16 in one weapon, the one called AR-15 chambered for 7.62x39.
As you may know, according to the tactical conditions of the city battles, Russian 7.62x39 is...