Why Guns Give Us Confidence?

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GUN! This word either scares you to death or fills you up with a sense of excitement whatever it maybe it sure does sound interesting and worth a discussion. The serious question here is Does owning a gun makes us more confident?

To answer this rather complicated question lets first have a look at the reasons that might compel people to opt for a gun. One of the most common reasons stated by people for owning a gun is to keep intruders at bay and protect themselves from any danger. If we look more closely into this issue then certain surprising findings come into light that people do consider the kind of locality they live in as a major factor along with the city they reside in. let us, for example, consider a situation for a family living in a high crime district, it would be a major factor for the family to consider owning a gun for self-defense. The high crime rates in the district trigger the basic human instinct to look for a sanctuary or seek protection on their own. 

The other example that we can consider is the protection against wildlife, in countries like the United States, a large demography lives quite close to the natural habitats of the wild animals. A large proportion of these are not a danger to humans but still, there is a small proportion that might cause fatal damage to humans that get into an ugly encounter with them. The animals that top the charts are Bears, Mountain Lion, Wolves, and Coyotes. Every year there are deaths due to animal attacks in many countries in the world but sometimes people are able to save themselves by not killing but by just scaring off the wild animals.

All in all, a gun does provide peoplewith a fighting chance, in a scenario if a person is stuck in an unfavorable or a life-threatening situation then a having gun provides a person with a psychological advantage that at least I have a reasonable chance of fighting back. The damage is caused to the willpower and the confidence of the assailant, as soon as they see a firearm their chances of having the control of the situation in their favor and overpowering reduces to half if not less. In addition to this, if we look more closely the chances of an assailant actually attacking you and taking control drops lower than 50% as they know, they might get shot and the chances of the person shooting at them are pretty high in self-defense.

This discussion would be incomplete without emphasizing on the point that people do need to take necessary training and psychological analysis test before opting for this option. The life we have is more important than anything else and those of us who opt for a gun should be ready to get proper training and guidance. Everything is safe if done with proper precautions and guidance.

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