Women Gun Owners - Moriarti Armaments Introduces New Products For Our Female Shooters

Posted by on September 17, 2017 . 2 Comments.

It’s true what they say – you can find a silver lining in any situation. While being captured at home for 2 whole days under Hurricane Irma attack, without internet, phone, lights and etc., and those of you who know me, it’s something of impossible for me, I am always on the go, I got to thinking about my clients and on frequent requests that I am getting as custom orders.

The majority of my clients are male, and it’s very rarely I see a woman calling me asking me about a particular product. It would usually be my male client, asking me particulars about a certain rifle and to make it “woman” friendly in some funky color combinations. Very rarely I talk to women on the phone and usually, when a gal calls me, it would be a custom made job, involving pink color for a rifle of a gun.

Sure I have girls and women come in to the store, and we do a custom work for them. I’ve seen more and more women taking self defense classes and getting their concealed carries thru me. However, I haven’t seen major retailers offering their gunsmith and services tilted to the woman’s gun owner sector.

So, it got me thinking and I remembered one particular job I did to replicate a “Muddy Girl” AR-15 rifle for a client of mine – it was a present for his wife on her birthday. The gift turned out to be awesome and the wife was extremely happy. So why not offer it as mainstream? When it comes to shopping for a gun, it’s very rarely that a woman shooter can get everything she wants in one place. Usually it would be a hassle to get what she wants or she still needs a direction as she is the beginner shooter and does not know much on what’s out there in the market. So, Moriarti Armaments is here to help our female gun enthusiasts.

Introducing the Muddy Girl section and Guns in Color to start with. There, you will find a great selection of products, including rifles, compact guns in color, and 80% rifle builds in color that you can adjust by weight, color and make it your own. Our guns don’t have to be boring! This is just to start with. Over the next month, Moriarti Armaments will start offering female-centric gun accessories and concealed carry guns for women.

My mission is simple - I want my store to accommodate all my 2nd Amendment friends, guys and gals alike. And this is what I will strive to do. All your feedback would be much appreciated.

And my dear guys – I would never forget about you. While you can make your mom, your wife, your sister or daughter happy finding a gun or a build that she would fall in love with, coming soon, 6MM Creedmoor Upper Assemblies in 22 inch stainless steel profile, just for you!

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