A Gun For Her Gift Guide

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We often get a question what would be the best gun to carry for her. The answer is always – it depends. I don’t believe to recommend a gun to a woman just because she is a woman. However, it cannot be denied that some guns are on the market to appeal directly to women and there are colors and styles that make it obvious they are guns for women who love to shoot.

The following is a list of guns for women who love to shoot.

Smith & Wesson Shield

Available in several different calibers, the Smith & Wesson Shield has proven to be one of the most popular handguns on the market today. Offered at competitive prices, combined with its low weight, high capacity design, makes it a continual contender for the top spot of every list of carry guns out there.

If She likes to stand out from the crowd with a little bling, Moriarti Arms offers quite a few guns in unique colors and patterns that will help her stand out from the crowd during her next visit to the range. Check out these colorful options:

Taurus G2C 9mm in Tiffany Blue

Taurus G2C is an excellent choice for concealed carry applications. The Taurus G2C is packed with features making this an easy to shoot, carry, and very affordable gun. The Taurus G2C 9mm is recognized as being accurate, reliable, and durable while being offered at a lower price range than some of their competitors.

Smith &Wesson 637 in Pink and Silver

Remember, revolvers are not for everyone. They're hard to handle, loud, and hold less rounds yet they are reliable, dependable, and fit for the task when it comes to sub-compact concealment. Revolvers are always a nice idea for someone looking to carry a firearm for protection.

We offer a wide selection of guns, gear and accessories at MoriartiArmaments.com, so feel free to grab a Gift Card and let her browse until her heart’s content. Easy for you, fun for her. Stay safe and happy shooting!

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