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Private gun ownership is indeed required by most people in the city to protect them from the crime that can strike them at any time. In the United States, there are more than 300 million people that have personal weapons where they get legally in countries like the United States. From these statistics, we know how the citizens of the United States do need a gun as a security tool for them as personally or to be used as a tool to protect their families or the people that closest to them. Personal gun ownership was legalized in the United States. The United States became one of the countries which granted permission for a personal...

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Crime is a serious matter in our society today. In modern life,like we ​​live now, we could be threatened by the emergence of a variety of crimes that can strike us anytime. Crime can also cause serious effects, ranging from murder, rape, sexual harassment, violence, and also robbery. Crime is emerging as a result of deeds as an impact from social – economic problems until psychological problems because a person can do a crime because they suffering bad mental disorder. Crime can strike us anytime and anywhere. Not only when we are at home, but also can attack us when we areoutside of thehome as in the office, shopping...

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I get a lot of questions by clients on difference between 6.5 Grendel Type I and Type II, so I've decided to jot down major points. The difference is in head spacing!

The original Grendel, and what we now call Type II 6.5 Grendel, was designed to be used with a Grendle bot, or.135 head spacing.

The patent was never released and to avoid any legal litigations, Les Baer Custom had adjusted 6.5 Grendel design of the barrel to make it .125 head spacing. We are now call it Type I Grendel. LBC has .295 diameter neck while Grendel has .300 diameter neck.LBC has a straight taper in the throat while Grendel has a compound taper.

The beauty is, LBC...

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The AR-9 MM is surely a big gun. Big on all aspects: on its power and on its capability to inflict damage on a variety of targets. But it is also a handy carabine that fires like a pistol. It is indeed the best of both worlds. But don’t think it’s just a toy for the aficionado. Its reliability is proven by the fact that it is used by the police in various jurisdictions, which finds it suitable for use in training and as part of the standard equipment and can often be seen used in SWAT cars all over the country. Numerous people have also noticed its maneuverability, potential to be modified and overall easiness of use.

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    These rifles are characterized by their versatility, modularity and wide variety of configurations, so it’s no wonder that buyers might be overwhelmed by the range of choice. But with a couple of guidelines is not that hard to buy your AR and make a good choice on it.




Colt, Smith and Wesson are good mid ranged brands that promise to deliver a reliable piece of equipment. Try not to go for the cheapest of the rifles, as they must cut on something to make for the price difference, and thus making the weapon less reliable. As often is the case with weapon purchases, it would be better if...

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What once seemed to be the privilege of only the richest Americans, and the most advanced of the militaries is not at your reach, in the comfort of your own home. Defending your family and property is as easy nowadays as baking cookies, provided, of course, that you have the right ingredients. It is the second amendment brought back to the 21st century. Now anyone can exercise their constitutional right to bear arms, independent from economic status.

                  With the new wave of e-commerce came the easiness of building articles yourself, with parts made in eastern Asian countries, and this easiness extends to the...

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There are some serious brand-new eye-candy weapons coming to market this year. If you want to know what to look forward look at our picks for the next year. 2016 was the hottest year in history, but the gun world promises to deliver even hotter news. So, let’s start the count and get amazed by the newest technology.



1 – American Tactical semi-automatic Omni MAXX .410


The AR-pattern semi-automatic shotgun is probably coming to the stage in 2017 and promises to deliver some real damage to the market. The gas-operated piston system fires a variety of shells and ships with removable 5-round magazine. Price: $649.95


2 - Avidity...

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