AR-9 MM Full Review

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The AR-9 MM is surely a big gun. Big on all aspects: on its power and on its capability to inflict damage on a variety of targets. But it is also a handy carabine that fires like a pistol. It is indeed the best of both worlds. But don’t think it’s just a toy. Its reliability is proven by the fact that it is used by the police in various jurisdictions, which finds it suitable for use in training and as part of the standard equipment and can often be seen used in SWAT cars all over the country. 

It looks a little different from the other guns in its category. The magazine, for example, looks a bit like the Uzi. It is very easy to reload, with the release mechanism being just above the magazine insert on the right side. It works just great. And a wide variety of magazines will fit, including the Glock 26, which can bring the cost down for you, provided that they have some of these from other guns which most people have. 

As for the optics, when it comes to guns used for defense purposes, we wouldn’t recommend on anything cheap, as it has the potential to fail on you.

It is really funny and relatively easy to use rifle, and it is just a joy to use, in particular attending to the fact that the Glock mags can be used and decrease the cost of ammo.

For people who are interested in modifying it, it can easily be made and the possibilities are countless. You can change the grip, the stock, the hand guard, change the muzzle you name it. It is fully customizable, but just throw in some optics and it is perfect as it comes. It is just a very reliable gun. And we do all customizations, right here, at Moriarti Armaments.

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