How to tell what type of DPMS style AR-308 receiver you have

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Still, the biggest question that I get, is what type of receiver one has. Let's look at the differences between DPMS style 308 uppers.

One simple very generic distinction is that the older, "high profile," upper will have the forward assist all the way at the end. The new, "low profile," resembles an AR-15 slicker design, the forward will be somewhat towards the middle.

The older, "high profile" design will remind you of the bulkier, rectangular build vs. the low profile is slicker, thinner and smoother.

Finally, the pane. The new "low profile " upper receiver has a 1/8" wide top portion where the charging handle is installed while the older, "high profile," has a 3/16" width.

Hope this is a good start for you guys. Happy building!

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