Pros and cons of AR-15 rifles

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The family of AR-15/M16 rifles and AR-15/M16 carbines, just like all other specimens of small arms, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the main advantages of the AR-15 type rifles is the modular design of this weapon, where the user can collect many different parts and use them to compose the rifle and they can come at different prices. Rifles like the AR-15/M16 can be assembled in a huge number of options, including high-precision sniper rifles, guns for practical shooting, chambers and powerful cartridge for hunting, carbines, a small-caliber cartridge for training and recreational shooting, specialized automatic carbines chambered with a high CCT for special forces, et cetera.

An important advantage of AR-15 type rifles is their high ergonomics. The ergonomics of the rifles can be improved by equipping weapons with various additional features such as pistol grip fire control with a more ergonomically shaped front handle hold the buttstock with a high cheek, bilateral arm guard, etc.

Another very important advantage of AR-15 rifles is their high accuracy, which is the basis for these rifles being very popular. AR-15 type rifles, in the presence of high-quality ammo and high quality, using optics, have stable performance in the accuracy of fire less than 1 MOA.

The main con of AR-15 rifles is the design of the venting mechanism in which the exhaust from the barrel bore powder, gases fall directly into the bolt group and receiver. In the case of firing by cartridges of gunpowder of low quality, not chromed the bolt and the bore lead to the accumulation of soot and, as a result, in delays. But in the case of quality ammo and chromed bolt carrier group barrel, the AR-15 rifles have a more careful maintenance than the AK and its variants. In this case, quality made AR-15 type rifles with quality ammo without cleaning can shoot about 2000 shots or more. The procedure of cleaning rifles is not more difficult than cleaning an AK, even when it comes to the smaller parts of the bolt. It should be noted that AR-15 rifles like quality ammo, so you should use good ammo in order to fire this weapon and regularly clean it.

Another disadvantage of the AR-15 rifles is the fact that they are made out of comparably soft materials if comparing with the AK-47 and other rifles, that makes it very susceptible to mechanical damage.

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