The best AR-15 rifles you can get

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The best AR-15 rifles you can get

Many of you who are reading this article know very well what an AR-15 rifle is. But it’s worth mentioning that: AR-15 is a rifle manufactured in the U.S. by ArmaLite Company as a combat rifle for the U.S. army. After the AR-15, many manufacturers from a lot of countries made their own variations of AR-15 rifles. The best you can get are:

·      Colt M16A4 (or else M16): One of the most popular rifles with unique features: this 5.56 mm caliber rifle combines a gas-operated the system with minimal recoil that makes it very accurate during shooting and great sights that increase the accuracy of shooting. The pros of this rifle are that it is light weighted and very accurate, with a not-so-good self-cleaning system that makes it pretty unreliable in long-time usage.

·      HK416: A great variant of AR-15 rifles from Germany. Compared to other AR-15 rifles: the direct vent system of M16 was replaced by the HK G36 used in the scheme with a short stroke gas piston, which is more reliable and resistant to stains. Improved venting of the motor has also helped to eliminate problems with overheating when firing in bursts, which is characteristic for the M4. The breech and recoil mechanism were also subjected to improvement. The shutter delay mechanism and the traditional T-shaped cocking handle of the bolt were saved. Three-way fuse-translator fire mode allows firing single shots and continuous bursts. The barrel increased survivability made by cold forging and can withstand more than 20 000 shots.

·      Khaybar KH 2002: A great Iran variation of U.S. AR-158 rifles. Automatic rifle Khaybar KH 2002 is identical to the M16A1 system, adjusted for changes in the trigger mechanism caused by the transfer arm of the fire control trigger and forward under the barrel.KH 2002 has a gas control system with direct discharge of powder gas from the barrel into the body of the shutter. Fire modes include single shots and fully automatic. The power of the weapon is made from detachable shops compatible with the American M16 rifle with a capacity of 20 and 30 rounds. The rifle equipped with a bayonet, folding bipod and a strap for carrying weapons.

·      LR-300: a radically modified version of a Colt M4 carbine. The main technical differences LR-300 from the M16 type rifles are the gas extraction system. The pistol grip is made of plastic and for better firing angle fixed at that of the Colt M1911 different from the M16. The hollow arm is intended mainly for the storage of necessary supplies. The upper part of the rifle allows you to easily attach any of the optical or electronic sight systems. The rifle is equipped with a ring rear sight William’s system with horizontal and vertical adjustments. The front sight is also adjustable and has a vertical tritium risk. The lower part of the packing boxes LR-300 is identical with the box AR-15 AND 2.


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