Why using rifle triggers is a good idea?

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Why using rifle triggers is a good idea?

When it comes to accuracy in shooting, then it must be mentioned that triggers play a very important role. Since the development of two-stage triggers, everybody is looking for a trigger that works well, does not break or jam and is very accurate. In this article, we will discuss why rifle triggers are a very good idea to use in your firearms, what are their pros and bring examples of good triggers you can use.

What are the pros of rifle triggers?

Rifle triggers are well balanced and have been specially created for being accurate in shooting, as rifles were the main weapon to use during war or hunting, where precision was one of the most important things. Rifles now use very precise two-stage triggers. It is very important to note that the difference between one-stage and two-stage triggers is the power that they must be pulled with. One-stage triggers are very tight and quite difficult to pull which results in loss of accuracy; when you use a lot of force to pull a one-stage trigger, you may move the rifle you are using and shoot in a slightly different direction that you originally pointed at. This is very bad when the shot must be precise. This does not happen with two-stage triggers. Rifle triggers, being two-stage, let you pull the trigger using small force to the middle and after you take a good aim, you can continue pulling them (second stage) without force that may move your weapon.

Examples of great rifle triggers

  • Jewell Hunter Varmint Rifle (HVR) Trigger: One of the most popular triggers in the world. This trigger is made out of stainless steel and is very accurate and convenient
  • Timney Triggers: Excellent triggers and extremely popular as well. This manufacturer has many interesting models to offer, such as: Timney Calvin Elite Trigger – This trigger uses a lot of popularity doe to its impressively high ability to withstand corrosion and its exception al hardness and longevity; Timeny 510 trigger – A time-proven trigger. It is cheap, sustainable to corrosion and hard. Also, it is very light and easy to pull, which increases accuracy; Timney 517 trigger – It is identical to the 510 trigger, having the same good quality, but with a slight difference - It has a straight shoe.
  • Accuracy International Trigger: An amazing two-stage trigger. It is very accurate, (the name speaks for itself) and due to the fact that it is very durable, it is used by many shooters.
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