Gun Laws and Post-Ban Information

Over the last few years laws pertaining to the firearms and magazines we sell have changed and continue to change. We will manage this page with the most up to date information. In each state's section, we outline required rifle modifications, build configurations and magazine capacity. You are responsible to be familiar with your state’s laws before making a purchase of your armaments.



·         Rifle Information: California "Featureless" 2017

·         Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds



·         Rifle Information:  22LR conversion kit installed instead of a bolt carrier, modified receiver extension tube, no bayonet lug, non-adjustable buttstock, and pinned muzzle brake.

**If you purchased your rifle prior to 4/4/13 and registered it as an "assault weapon" before 1/1/14 with the State of Connecticut you can put pre-ban uppers on your lower.

·         Magazine Capacity: 10 round 22LR



·         Rifle Information: HBAR heavy barrel profile

·         Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds


Massachusetts / New Jersey

·         Rifle Information:  Non-adjustable buttstock, pinned muzzle brake, no bayonet lug, standard end-plate.

·         Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds


New York

·         Rifle Information: Crowned barrel, buttstock with cheek riser, no bayonet lug.

·         Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds


Colorado / Hawaii / Illinois

·         Rifle Information: All models are legal.

·         Magazine Capacity: 10 round

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