We know our hobby is expensive! Thus, in the interest of the collector, Moriarti Armaments is willing to work with its customers in order to enable them to purchase the items they desire in a cost effective manner. We had created a Layaway Plan for you to lock in a price and pay off your item at your convenience. There is no interest fees. Minimum deposit is 20% of purchase price. Enjoy up to 6 months of payment flexibility - you decide how much you can pay per month. Our general layaway terms as follows:

• No layaway on items less than $350.00 total value of the order (Yes, you can combine items to reach the $350.00 level, shipping is not included).

• 20% must be put down at time of purchase as the initial non refundable deposit.

• Up to 6 months payment plan - No Interest Fees of any kind! • It is the customers responsibility to keep track of the invoice payments.

• The layaway will lock in the current price and/or promo offered for the item at the time of purchase order, and will not be eligible for changes.

• Items are shipped at the time of final payment is made.

Please complete the form below to start the process. Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will email you invoice with a minimum amount due - and you are done! The item is yours when you pay it off at your convenience.

By placing a layaway order you are agreeing to the above conditions and understand they will NOT be Modified.

Please do not feel that you can modify the terms after the fact or make up or change the layaway terms after the fact. Our terms are very clear - you are placing a deposit on an item that will be pulled and held for you. You are responsible for making the final payment within the terms of the agreement. The Layaway Terms are exactly as we have listed.