AR Noveske KX5 Flash Suppressor Pig Black 5/8x24

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AR 5/8x24 Noveske KX5 Flash Suppressor Pig Black. Made in Grants Pass,Oregon USA.

Heat-Treated CM Construction 

Nitride Finish 
4.5 ounces 
1.2 inch Dia 
3.25 inch OAL 

This KX5 may be used on: 

.308, 300 BLK, 6.8 SPC, 7.62mm = 5/8x24

The Noveske KX5 Flash Suppressor will work on any barrel length. All KX5s are individually serial numbered for quality control. The Noveske KX5 is classified as a flash suppressor by the BATF FTB.

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