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In search of our desired AR-10 build and stay within a budget, people look online for deals. They read articles, wathc youtube videos, get confused and buy something that they are promised will work with their AR10 only it is not.

It's a common question that I always get - I bought this carbine AR-10 set from a reputable manufacturer (no names will be published out of respect), but I have a double feeding or not enough pressure to activate the bolt. Upon sending me the pictures of their stock "guts," sure enough, I find AR-15 carbine spring with AR-10 buffer, or AR-15 buffer and AR-10 spring, or just simply, AR-15 buffer and buffer spring....

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Today’s topic of discussion is What Is The Difference between .223 Wylde and 5.56 NATO AR-15 Barrel.

First and for most, let’s get the terminology straight. .223 Wylde IS NOT your regular .223 Remington! I know, both sound very much similar but these are completely different animals. So let’s go into details.

5.56 NATO and .223 Remington

Though they share identical case dimension, they are slightly different and thus, are not the same cartridge.

.223 Remington is slightly smaller than your standard 5.56 NATO. As we can see from the picture above, the throat of the 5.56mm bullet is slightly longer than that of the .223 Rem....

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Yes. Finally after so much anticipation, we have few barrels available in 24" Black Diamond. 

The benefits of diamond fluting.

I am not the first to say that there are many benefits to the fluting of the barrel not counting the looks and appearance, of course.

Fluting dissipiates heat quicker

Adds and increases stiffness thus increases accuracy

Decreases recoil

Weight reduction of surface

Excellent for Precision Shooting

Diamond fluting offers all the benefits listed above in one complete package. Black diamond fluting - well, you also have the looks, scarcity of the product and all the benefits packaged in one rifle.

These barrels are not...

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Don’t laugh. The most important one, 6.5 Grendel is designed to use on AR-15 platform (think of it as your next step after Russian military round, 7.62x39) and 6.5 Creedmoor is based on AR 308 weaponry, roughly.

So now, which one do you want? You probably want both but in the real world, it all depends on your preference and intended use. I often get a reply from clients stating that they want the most powerful. My question is most powerful for what. By virtue of the fact, 308 platform is much more powerful than your AR15 platform, but so as AR50 is more powerful than 308. We can continue in that direction quickly coming to the...

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The gun is a very important thing to secure yourself. Guns are mostly used by the defense authorities and also by police, military, bodyguards of personalities. But there are important things which we have to understand and keep in mind. The most important consideration is to get a gun that you feel comfortable shooting, not the gun you think you need. And you must know how to use that gun. You must have taken the class for that gun as well. Mostly any person is good in one gun. It is not common when a person has much knowledge about different guns and he or she knows how to operate them. One of the most important things we should...

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Online Ammo Buying Restrictions
As with gun laws, there are restrictions for buying ammo online based on your state.  Here’s a brief overview of some restrictions, but always check your own state laws!

  • Alaska: No ammo or primer shipments
  • California: No shipping to (as of now) the cities of Beverly Hills, Carson, Marin County, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, & Los Angeles.  Also no tracer ammunition.
  • Connecticut: Requires some permits/certificates
  • Hawaii: No ammo or primer shipments
  • New Jersey: Additional card/ID required.
  • New York: Ammo must be send to a FFL or special seller and no online ammo to NYC.
  • Washington DC: No online ammo sales

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GUN! This word either scares you to death or fills you up with a sense of excitement whatever it maybe it sure does sound interesting and worth a discussion. The serious question here is Does owning a gun makes us more confident?

To answer this rather complicated question lets first have a look at the reasons that might compel people to opt for a gun. One of the most common reasons stated by people for owning a gun is to keep intruders at bay and protect themselves from any danger. If we look more closely into this issue then certain surprising findings come into light that people do consider the kind of locality they live in as a...

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My Dear Californian friends. In light of recent developments and new laws of how an "assault weapon" is defined in Cali, we are modifying our rifle kits to be compliant with Californian State. Just for you, you have an option to go "Featureless!"

The new “Assault Weapon” classification in Cali

Since the Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989, California has defined an “assault weapon” as any semiautomatic center fire rifle with a removable magazine PLUS any of the following “evil features:”

1. Pistol grip

2. Forward pistol grip

3. Adjustable stock

4. Flash suppressor/ flash hider


When does this go into effect?

You may not purchase an AR...