ELF Drop-In AR-10/.308 Trigger

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There is certainly no denying that every now again, a diamond turns up in the rough, and this is exactly what has happened with the ELF drop-in AR-10/.308 trigger. This trigger is an exceptional trigger in today’s market and is readily available to purchase online from many reputable retailers. The ELF drop-in AR-10/.308 trigger is the only type of trigger that is seen to be readily available on the market that utilises specialist aircraft needle bearings, which allow for an exceptionally fast and smooth trigger pull. Which is great news for all the shooters and enthusiasts out there. In fact, the ELF drop-in AR-10/.308 trigger has proven to be so popular due to its reliability, performance and high-quality, that even law enforcement and the military have taken advantage of it. That alone says a lot about this tiny trigger, doesn’t it? The ELF Drop-In AR-10 Trigger has been manufactured in order to withstand some of the harshest punishments from high powered calibers. The ELF Drop-In AR-10 Trigger is the only readily available AR-10 trigger on the market that utilises aircraft needle bearings which makes this product exceptionally unique and reliable. The skeletonized hammer which has been specifically combined with ELF’s exclusive .043 piano wire hammer spring allows for a quickened lock time. Pull weight can also be effortlessly adjusted within a matter of seconds without evening needing to remove the trigger from your firearm’s lower receiver. The ELF Drop-In AR-10 Trigger system has been build in order to be both durable and light and is fashioned from wire that has been EDM machined, along with specialist hardened A2 tool steel and even lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. Installation of the ELF Drop-In AR-10 Trigger is incredibly easy and can be done within a matter of minutes with the use of your AR’s original trigger pins and hammer. The ELF Drop-In AR-10 Trigger is available with a straight or curved shoe depending on your preference for approximately $259 from many online retailers. Adjust-ability of the ELF Drop-In AR-10 Trigger places the user in charge based on their preference. If you are an individual who is searching for one of the finest and easiest when it comes to adjustable triggers for your competition AR-10 platform, then the ELF Drop-In AR-10 Trigger is guaranteed to be the perfect trigger system for you. 

The ELF drop-in AR-10/.308 Trigger Features:

  • Fits all mil-spec AR-10.
  • Drop-Safe despite the pull-weight.
  • Factory set Pull-weight is approximately 50% lighter than a standard AR-15 trigger.
  • Provides a great combination of both accuracy and speed.
  • Fully adjustable from 4 lbs to 2 1/2 lbs without needing to remove from lower receiver.
  • Exclusive double wound hammer spring
  • Short pull and reset allows the user to quickly follow-up shots with greater accuracy.
  • Strengthened trigger assembly allows for rugged use.
  • Fashioned from hardened steel and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Bespoke design of disconnect allows full 1/4” width.
  • High-performance hammer bearings and needle trigger allow for smooth and fast shooting.
  • 100% made in America .
  • Includes a lifetime Guarantee.

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